Pin Grading Chart


Each enamel pin is handmade which means there's room for minor flaws during the production process. Because of this, some are sold at a discounted rate. Please read below for my grading standards ♥

Standard Grade:

Everything looks the way it should! May have very minor flaws if inspected extremely closely, such as:

  • Slight lower-filled enamel or glitter
  • Minor debris like excess glitter specks, dust, etc
  • Small "bubbles" in the color or coating.
  • Light scuffs or scratches.
  • Imperfections on the the metal sides or backs.
  • Minor imperfections in the colors
  • Minor metal outline thickness differences
B Grades

 More noticeable flaws, such as:
  • Movable posts on the backside
  • Lesser-filled glitter or solid colors
  • More noticeable scuffs, scratches, or debris
  • Slightly more noticeable color imperfections 
  • Extra glitter or solid colors bleeding into other areas
  • Some incorrect colors
  • Multiple "bubbles" in the color or coating

C Grades
Noticeable flaws in addition to the aforementioned:

  • Missing colors
  • Missing posts
  • Very scuffed, scratched, or lots of debris
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